Thursday, 15 May 2014

All's Well That Ends Well in a Nutshell

The plots of Shakespeare's plays are almost always multilayered - with some being more complex than others. But is it possible to simplify them? What if Shakespeare were alive and working as a screenwriter? He'd need loglines (one or two sentence summaries), of his works.

So, here's my effort at reducing one of his plays to its most simple parts - All's Well That Ends Well in a nutshell.

When a young woman saves the life of a king, she's permitted to marry the man of her dreams, but her bridegroom is rather more reluctant. When he makes a run for it, she'll stop at nothing to get him back.

Wouldn't sound out of place in a modern romcom, would it? Of course, the comedy in All's Well That Ends Well is a little darker than When Harry Met Sally, but still...the timelessness of Shakespeare's plays shines through!

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