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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Macbeth

Cover of What's It All About,
Shakespeare? A Guide to Macbeth
Macbeth is arguably the most popular Shakespeare play. It's also one of the most popular plays on the planet - performed somewhere in the world every four hours.

And, because it's Shakespeare's shortest and least complicated (in terms of plot) tragedy, it is one of the most frequently studied plays. So, it seemed like the logical place to start when embarking on my series of guides.

Macbeth was the second Shakespeare play I read, and my first experience with it was at school. Despite the classes predominantly involving sitting and reading the text aloud (which, in my opinion is not the way to learn Shakespeare), I fell in love with it. And, despite some tough competition over the succeeding years, it has remained (at a pinch) my favourite Shakespeare play.

I can't quite pinpoint any one aspect of Macbeth that makes it such a great play, perhaps because it isn't one thing that makes it so good. It's a combination of things that have ensured its popularity for over four-hundred years.

What is 'What's It All About, Shakespeare? A Guide to Macbeth'?

As the title suggests, What's It All About, Shakespeare? A Guide to Macbeth contains all the information you need to understand, appreciate and (hopefully) love Macbeth. With a straightforward approach and plenty of humour, the book delves into the main characters, the plot, the history and the superstitions surrounding the Scottish Play.

If you're studying Macbeth, it is the ideal ebook to help you get to grips with the content and themes of the play. If you're already a fan of Macbeth, you should find some interesting and entertaining facts within these digital pages. And, if you hate Macbeth, this ebook will provide many reasons to change your mind.

Where You Can Get Your Copy

What's It All About, Shakespeare? A Guide to Macbeth is currently available for your kindle at, and the cornucopia of Amazon outlets.

However, if Amazon's not your cup of tea, you can purchase A Guide to Macbeth from Smashwords.

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