Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tags Explained

Phwoar! That is one might fine hunk of man, am I right?
As the number of posts is creeping up, I thought it would be helpful to divide them into categories and offer a handy little menu (if you will) at the top of the page.

I quickly realised, however, that I had two problems: one, it was not easy to split them into a handful of categories. And two, if those categories’ titles are longer than two or three short words, they don’t fit properly beneath the header.

Anyway, those humps were overcome with the loose and quite ambiguous titles that you can now see above. But I’m beginning to wonder if they are too loose and too ambiguous. So, this very brief post is just going to explain what those tags mean and how you can find the information you’re looking for.

The Plays: Fairly self-explanatorily, under this tag, you will find posts about specific plays or more general posts about a genre or common theme among a group of plays.

The Sonnets: Equally brazen about its purpose, ‘The Sonnets’ tag is the place to look for any and all information relating to Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets.

The Man: Yes, you’ve guessed it! This category is anything concerned with Shakespeare’s life and/or career.

The Guys: This section of the site is where you can go to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Shakespeare’s male characters: heroes, villains, clowns - you’ll find them all here.

The Gals: Conversely, for those unruly daughters, feisty chicks and obedient wives, you should take a trip to ‘The Gals’ tab.

The Words: Perhaps not so ambiguously, ‘The Words’ section contains all of the posts related to understanding or celebrating Shakespeare’s wonderful use of the English language.

In a Nutshell: Finally, if you're looking for a brief and simple explanation of what happens in one of the plays, you might just find the answer here. 'In a Nutshell' offers simple synopses for the plays.

Hopefully, that will enable you to navigate your way through the site.

But, as ever, if there is any information you’re unable to find or if you have a burning question you’d like answered (as long as it’s related to Shakespeare; I can’t tell you what’s causing that rash), please feel free to get in touch.

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