Friday, 20 January 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Shakespeare (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Cover of What's It All About, Shakespeare?
An Introduction to The Bard of Avon
Well, not absolutely everything, obviously. That’d be a bit of an exaggeration. But, a fair chunk of what you want to know about Shakespeare can be found in the first ebook to accompany the site.

What’s It All About, Shakespeare? An Introduction to The Bard of Avon
is now available on, and other European Amazon outlets.

What’s In It?

The book begins with a brief biography of Shakespeare and then delves into the great ‘authorship debate’: What is it? Why do some people doubt that Shakespeare wrote the plays? Did Shakespeare really write anything?

Then, we move on to the great man’s work: How many plays did Shakespeare write? What’s a Shakespearean sonnet? When were the plays first published?

The Lion King is a Re-Telling of Hamlet
As far as I’m concerned, the biggest barrier between a person and his, or her, appreciation of Shakespeare, is understanding the language. So, a section of the book is dedicated to defining some of the most commonly used and archaic Shakespearean words, such as alack, cozen, ere and sirrah.

To emphasise the relevance of Shakespeare on the English language, the book examines words that Shakespeare ‘invented’ and some of the many phrases that have worked their way into modern parlance, for example, “It’s all Greek to me.”

As if that weren’t enough, the Bard has also had a huge influence upon modern theatre, television and film, as demonstrated in ‘Pinching from Shakespeare’; a chapter which takes a look at some of the most popular Shakespearean re-tellings.

Why Should You Take a Look?

What’s It All About, Shakespeare? An Introduction to The Bard of Avon provides a solid knowledge-base for anyone who is studying Shakespeare and offers some interesting titbits for those who are interested in the Bard, but don’t know much about him.

If you know nothing about Shakespeare, it aims to whet your appetite and prompt and enthusiasm to learn more about the world’s most famous playwright.

Put simply, if you want to learn more about Shakespeare, check it out.

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